Schedule retreats 2021
Due to the current situation, we do not have exact dates yet.

May:       Intuitive Meditation ~ Tina Lindhard offers Arka Dhyana; with Herbalist Soleil Jongert cooking

                     www.tinalindhard.com - postponed


June:       Morning Pranayama & Yoga and Evening Inquiry Meditation ~ Aafke van Sprundel

                      www.aafke.com - postponed


Pending:  Tibetan Buddhist Maratika Rinpoche meets European Sangha



Aug:         Power of the Heart Nienke Stoop and Tobias Tang Ørnebjerg; Heart Coherence training and 5 Elements Wisdom                           with Qi Gong  



Sept:        Awakening Body Ellen Emmet; an invitation to inquire openly and deeply into our direct experience



Sept 12-18 :  Findhorn's Game of Transformation ~ facilitated by Frank Rövekamp, with Rebecca de Mol coaching 

                     and Auyrvedic massage; meditation and yoga with Annelied Mock