A Way is our name. Not only are you away from your normal life here, also, this place offers a way to find the fulfilment we all seek. Your Way. By way of rest and contemplation.


A Way is a place for complete relaxation and rest. For the richness of resting in being. The quiet hills are a perfect setting for just that. So, ultimely, this place is for 'remembering' our inherent peace and for profound joy to resurface.


A Way is located on the sandy road walked by Francis of Assisi in 1224. The beloved sage is known for his close connection to the birds and wild animals, forests and pastures where he wandered. These are still here in the same pristine condition. Francis in fact was an environmentalist avant la lettre. His meditation area in La Verna is to be found walking North, his birthplace Assisi South. In between these two places the area is dotted with sites of spiritual, historic, natural and aesthetic interest. In all medieval and renaissance towns around us, arts are abundantly available. One cannot help but feel inspired here. 

We welcome you wholeheartedly!