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In Short

In the quiet part of Tuscany - cosy farmhouse - yoga deck - olive grove - vegetable gardens - wild life  - adjacent nature reserve - wondrous views - swimming pool -  stillness - secluded lake - on one of the St Francis’ Trails - many sites of interest in proximity


The quality of our retreats lies in the sincerity and the deep interest of our guests, hosts and teachers alike, in investigating in our shared being. Meditation, yoga practices, art, or simply rest are all equally valid ways to investigate here.

The cosy farmhouse ‘Il Prato’ comfortably fits ten in double or single bedrooms each with a bathroom and there is a cottage for two or thee persons. For happy campers there are a few lovely spots in the olive grove. So A Way is fit for small to medium size groups. 

There are plenty of places to sit quietly with gorgeous views on the hills and countless roads to walk in the adjacent nature reserve Monti Rognosi. A secluded deck with a sun cover for 14  yoga mats or similar practices offers stillness, intimacy and magnificent views.  Meals on the terrace or in the house - fresh from the garden- can be catered or self cooked, depending on the type of retreat. In the vegetable gardens we grow biological produce.

There is a long pool to refresh. Or a plunge can be taken in the nearby lake in the woods. Majestic oaks, cipres, fragrant wild flowers, fruits, mushrooms and herbs, wild life, including wild boar, deer, porcupine and wolf all make part of the beautiful environment. We are at 550 m altitude with cool nights and our water comes from a natural source up on the hill. There are the open Tuscan skies with unpolluted air day and night. 

For Whom

All truthful teachings, teachers and students or participants are welcome. Be it spiritual, artistic, philosophical or from any Wisdom tradition. Our aim is to keep the retreats small and intimate.

Who Are We

Willem and Annelied Mock -de Bruijn. We moved to Italy in 2019 from Amsterdam to this lovely place that we call A Way and simultaneously call home. We have spent our lives raising a family, working and travelling the world together and now we open our doors, as this is such a beautiful and natural place that we instantly fell in love with upon our first visit. Here we live life in close connection with nature, which we love to share. Living in nature is such a joy and beneficial, even if it is only for a couple of days.

Willem comes from a long background in the food industry, retired now he here happily turned to Appenine farming (a dream come true), Annelied has a background of teaching, of art and yoga. Years of exploration, inquiry and meeting with great teachers and also of offering yoga, meditation and retreats. Together we have become inspired by the Non Dual teachings. These root in the oldest texts on earth, in Vedic philosophy, and are actually found at the core of almost all sacred traditions all over the world, but more importantly find expression in life itself, our shared reality. That, we cannot describe in words. Better to taste it!

Our greatest teacher ìs this life. Our family, friends and relations. And nature! 

We also feel deeply grateful to Ramana Maharshi, the sage; Non Dual teacher Rupert Spira; 

yogi's Suzanne van Elswijk, Katiza Satya and Sahaj; Maratika Rinpoche from Nepal. We would love to continue naming, as so many have inspired us with their deep wisdom and joy. You are in our hearts and present here.


We like to offer our place for the purpose of  ‘going A Way’, not for profit, but on the base of donation. Donating is an old tradition that benefits all. To reinstall this wonderful practice, we feel is the right thing to do. It is based on mutual trust. We can beforehand discuss what is viable for you and for us and suggest a range within which we can cover costs and safeguard the place for future students. It depends on the type of retreat, the teacher and facilities used (exclusive of travel costs), but also on your means. Teachers give generously of their knowledge and wisdom and of course need financial support for their precious work. The teachings are priceless, as the Buddha has taught! 

How to Get Here

By train 🚄:  Arezzo, plus a 40 min. drive (rent a car there, or take a taxi ca. €45 or a regional bus to Anghiari) 

By car  🚗 :   Autostrada del Sole A1 between Florence and Rome take exit Arezzo., then 40 min. to A Way, Anghiari.

By air  ✈️ :    Perugia (60 min), Florence (1h.30), Pisa or Bologna (2.30 hr). From these airports take a train to Arezzo or rent a car.

On foot🚶🏻‍♀️:   A Way is on the sandy Franciscan trail that leads from Assisi, via Anghiari and through the Barbolana estate and                                      Castello di Montauto (30 min.) over the hills to La Verna (8 h.)

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